BAPID lobby for the interest of people with intellectual disabilities and their families at the Government, the local authorities level and the international community.

BAPID take active part in improvement and development of social care provision for young and adult people with intellectual disabilities placed in residential homes in order to guarantee their basic human rights.

BAPID develop own network of community Family Counseling & Consultative Centres as alternative to social exclusion of people with intellectual disability and their families.

BAPID promote inclusive education and implement mainstreaming of children with special learning needs.

BAPID look for and implement new community based social care services to address the individual needs of the intellectually disabled customers.



Training of expert teams providing newly established social services for children and adults

Supervision of social services staff members (incl alternative communication methods)

Trainings in needs assessment and development of individual care plans and individual educational plans

Trainings for establishment of parent support groups and centers

Trainings and technical support for municipal social workers in developing inclusion strategies and children and adults with intellectual disabilities