Past projects

Project: “Empower people with intellectual disabilities – next step”


Created 53 support networks for independent decision-making by people with intellectual disabilities.Taking actions for revocation of the guardianship of 4 persons with intellectual disabilities.

Project: “Empower people with intellectual disabilities”

Expected results:

To creat a support network for independent desion-making by people with intellectual disabilities.

Project “BAPID – support for dignified life for persons with intellectual disabilities”

Project duration: 01.11.2007 – 01.11.2010

(Program MATRA of the Dutch government with co-working with Dutch organization De Pasarel)


Capacity-building of BAPID

Preparing a model for the planning of the social services to persons with intellectual disabilities

Improving the process of preparing and planning the care for persons with intellectual disabilities

Prepared and provided “Classification of the social services in the community” and its apllying in planning of the regional strategies.

Preparation of guidelines for working in day-care centers for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.


Project “New opportunities for the children with disabilities” in partnership with Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

Project duration: 01.04.2008 г. – 01.06.2009г.

(Program PHAR)


Creating Day-care center for children with disabilities

Opened and functional service Day-care center for children with disabilities and Family consultative center

Project “Special professional training for persons with mental disabilities

(Partnership project, funded by Program Leonardo Da Vinci

Partners : Alianta, FENACERCI, CUDV

Project duration: October2008 – July 2010


Supporting development of working skills and competences of the persons with mental disabilities, through providing special professional training.

Encouragement of their inclusion in working processes, adapted to their needs.

Creating the training program for the persons with mental disabilities: “Motivation, socialization and professional skills for inclusion in activities, which are connected with professional realization”

Project “At home with mother and father – Center for early intervention” co-working with Vidin Municipality

(Partners on the projects are experts from Ireland)

Project duration: January 2011 – February 2012

(Operative program “Development of human resources”)


Creating a model and methodology for developing early intervention service in Bulgaria

Project “Center for family-type settlement”

(Partnership project together with local association “Saprichastie”, International social services and Sofia Municipality)


Opened family-type settlement center

Opened Shelter house in Sofia from Association “Saprichastie”


Center for family-type settlement for children with disabilities – victim of violence” at the town of Razlog


Opened center for family-type settlement


Training project “Support for development”

(Project of BAPID together with Dutch parents ‘organization “Philadelphia Support”)


Conducting regional trainings for supporting parental organizations

Creating non-formal association of BAPID’s Self-advocates