Human rights


/“We want rights, not favours!”/
People with intellectual disabilities are citizens like everybody else.
They have the right to be included in all areas of life.
They have the right to live, learn, work, and have fun together with
other people.

But often, their real life is different.

People with intellectual disabilities are often excluded from society.
They do not get accessible information.
They live in institutions that separate them from society. In Bulgaria these institutions are 28, in which live 2349 persons with intellectual disabilities
They have to learn in special schools.
They are bullied and discriminated again

BAPID and its members want to change that!
We want a better life for all people with intellectual disabilities and
their families in Bulgaria:
We want them to know about their rights.
We want their rights to become reality.
We want them to participate in all decisions that concern their lives.

Human Rights are the same for everyone.
BAPID is a member of two international organizations which work to rpotect Human Rights at different levels Different organisations work to protect Human Rights at different levels – Inclusion International and Inclusion Europe.

One of the most important documents for people with disabilities is the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, created by United nations.
This document is ratified by Bulgarian Pourlament.

BAPID works especially on the following parts of the Convention:

  • Equality and Non-discrimination (Article 5)
  • Legal capacity and supported decision-making (Aticle 12)
  • Access to Justice (Article 13)
  • Living in the Community (Article 19)
  • Inclusive Education (Article 24)
  • Health (Article 25)